There’s one thing that’s been on my mind about the series finale of Being Human. What were The Old Ones doing at the end? It looked as though it was a ceremony of some sort and why did the man in the red jacket take away the little girl? 
Mr. Snow says “For this your brother is dead and is alive again. He was lost and is found”. I don’t get why he was saying that. 

It kills me knowing that Damien Molony was in Leeds and I never got to see him. Also, my bus stop is right outside the Grand Theatre. I missed two buses to see if I could see him … and I didn’t >< 

Thoughts on Being Human final episode …

I couldn’t cry at Being Human last night. I was actually happy for Annie. I wasn’t sad at all that she left, although I will miss her character. What would have brought a tear to my eye is if we saw Nina and George behind that door, as that would have been a much better ending as I feel as though it was slightly rushed (and I guessed what would happen in this last episode anyway…) I just wish the writer had made it slightly less predictable.
I still find this whole “unfinished business” thing with Annie really frustrating though because they were going on like she’d NEVER done it, yet we all no she has! She had refused her door- so does that mean once you refuse your door, you have to do something else to get another one? I wish this was explored in previous series.
I wish we’d seen more about Annie’s past and learnt more about her as she was. I still feel after 4 series I never properly connected with her like I did with Nina, George and Mitchell.
The death that affected me most was Cutlers!!! I was SO annoyed with Annie for staking him! I had been waiting all series for them to be in a scene together and when they finally were- She staked him! I feel so sorry for Cutler! He just seemed so misunderstood! And I wanted him around for another series. He didn’t have to have a big part. He could just appear when they needed some sort of help with police and such …
I’m glad Alex is still around though. Unlike popular opinion I like her (and don’t think she’s a slutty bitch) and think she works well with Hal and Tom, although it will be strange to see these three living in the same house as Nina, Georg, Mitchell and Annie. I feel sorry for this new line up as I know most people won’t give them a chance. It’s a fresh start and I still think it will work perfectly! 


Daydreaming time at school today was spent on wondering what Cutler’s first name is.

  • Nigel
  • Normal
  • Nicholas
  • Nathan
  • Nathaniel
  • Nelson
  • Neil
  • Ned
  • Neville
  • Noah
  • Noel
  • Norbert
  • Nymphadora

So as you can see, I didn’t make much progress.

I spent my whole day doing this too!

Even Cleverbot thinks Hal is beautiful! 

Even Cleverbot thinks Hal is beautiful! 


Doctor Who.